Style Guide

This guide will help destress the stress we all get with the infamous question “What do we wear?”


Always start with Mom’s

 I always say start with moms outfit and then everyone else!

I love the very organic natural feel and flow.

•So I would say start with mom-then we can build the rest around you! I love neutral tones for you if possible or a simple flattering color palette. I absolutely love long flowy maxi skirts or dresses! They photograph really well and adds so much emotion to the pictures!

•Jewelry keep it nice and simple! 

Shoes matter! For you mom no heels, were going for simple, organic vibe! Plus we will likely be in a field and we don’t want you to get stuck or fall! 

CG photography-60.jpg

For the Dad’s

Stick to something more simple. Layers if possible, and of course compliment the family as well! Polo’s are something I tend to shy away from. More often then not the corners start to curl in and they become an eye sore in photos. -This is just a personal suggestion, wear them if you love them!

Shoes and socks matter! Keep it trendy and flowing with the rest of the family! Sneakers, are a huge distraction in the photos!

CG photography-31.jpg

The kiddos and family

Only one obvious pattern per family. I love patterns, and I encourage we use some! However I don’t like competing patterns. For example if you are wearing floral I wouldn’t repeat that pattern for anyone else. 

•Nothing bright! They take away from YOU in the photos! Our eyes are always drawn to the 1st thing that stands out in an image, we don’t want it to be anything besides YOU! 

•No obvious logos or writing! 

•Shoes matter! Aim with something dainty and timeless! Nothing bold or bulky!

The true focus is you and your family and how you are interacting with one another! Capturing YOU as you are today! Priceless!